This is a growing collection of paintings I’ve been doing since the early summer of 2013. The medium is acrylic on canvas, and prints are available for purchase. Presently, the only way we can accommodate that is to first discuss with you what your choices are.

For instance — which painting are you interested in? Do you want it printed onto canvas and then framed, or do you want it printed on art paper, suitable for framing yourself. Answers to these question obviously affect pricing, so we need to know from you what you want and then we can reply with a price.

Our plans are to link these items to our online store, but that is going to take some time working withe the web builders. Sorry.

For now, please send any inquiries to Thanks!

A Moment's Peace

Mary's Moment061114 104Kickin' BackMorning Magnolia 061114 105 The Corner ManThe Lookout

010314 102070814 129  

It is Finished070814 107Unrivaled Majesty070814 106

010314 104070814 128