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Part 1: The Power of God’s Word (30.3MB MP3)
In this message Ryle introduces the Big Picture of the series, and then makes masterful case for the faithfulness, trustworthiness and power of God’s Word.
Part 2: The Lordship of Jesus (23.5MB MP3)
In this message Ryle shows the majesty of Christ the Lord, and presents a convincing and convicting case for yielding our entire lives to His authority.
Part 3: The Beauty of Community (27.0MB MP3)
In this message Ryle sets forth the importannce of enjoying healthy relationships with others who share the same vision and passions, fully commited to following to Christ.
Part 4: The Splendor of Grace (30.5MB MP3)
This message is revolutionary! Ryle reclaims a long-forsaken revelation concerning the Grace and God, and shows the four measures that God has assignred to every life. A powerful and unforgettable message!
Part 5: The Gateway to Greatness (25.8MB MP3)
In this concluding message, Ryle makes a strong appeal for his listeners to use thier gifts and abilities to serve others in truly noble ways.
Living A Legacy Complete Notes (428kB PDF)
Complete notes to this series in PDF format.