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At your Church, Civic, or Corporate Event

James Ryle is a master story teller with an inspiring message. His ability to connect with people of all ages, combined with a keen sense of humor and sensitivity to the moment, make James one of the most engaging speakers in today’s world.

His is a seasoned voice that brings moral clarity and refreshing insights into the Scripture for people of all walks of life. He has been involved in public speaking since 1972 in Churches, Civic gatherings, Corporate events, Conferences, Retreats and Seminars.



  • Released From the Prison My Father BuiltJames Ryle’s dramatic personal testimony.
  • Hearing God’s Voice in Today’s Deafening World - a non-religious approach to having a conversation with God.
  • The Resource Revolutionunleashing the extraordinary power generosity in ways that change people and their communities.
  • The Empowering Presence of God - finding the power to be the person God has created you to be, and to do in life what He has gifted you to do.
  •  The Man Who Delivers the Goods - discovering and applying the four keys to personal excellence
  • The Genealogy of Influence - building organizations that make a lasting difference.
  • How to Win Without Being Wicked - taking the high road in a low-down, no good, dirty, rotten, stinking situation!

Years of experience have given James Ryle an inspiring ability to “bring a word in due season” — adapting his presentation to meet the need of virtually any audience. We would love to work with you in putting together a proposal that will make your next event one that people will not only enjoy, but will walk away from changed in profound and lasting ways.


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What Others Are Saying

bill-mccartneyBill McCartney
– James Ryle is vulnerable, unpretentious, generous, courageous, faithful and coachable. I admire him greatly for these things. Yet the most valuable gift by which I personally have benefited has been the Godly counsel James has given me at crucial times in my life. No matter how difficult a situation may have been, he has always been able to pinpoint the exact spiritual principle or biblical example which was profoundly relevant to the need. I have become a better man of God by following his counsel.


34_jack-hayfordJack Hayford
– James is a trusted friend and trustworthy minister with an extended track record behind. He is a man of the Word, and brings fresh insights with moral clarity and a seasoned voice. James Ryle is a man that God has, I believe, given to the Church as a valuable resource. I heartily endorse and support James and the ministry of TruthWorks.


max lucadoMax Lucado
– Like thousands of men across America, I have had the privilege of hearing James Ryle speak at Promise Keepers events. I have always been touched by the clarity and conviction of his message. Unlike the others, however, I have also had the opportunity to spend some personal time with James. James strikes me as a man with a deep love for Christ and His Church. I believe you will find the same.


garlingtonBishop Joseph Garlington
– I have known James personally for over twenty years as a close friend, a gifted speaker, an inspiring writer, and one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. His insights into Scripture are truly remarkable, and unforgettable. He brings a unique perspective every time he opens the Bible and speaks. I am honored to have him as a friend and co-laborer in the Kingdom.


dick millsDick Mills 
– James Ryle is a man of many talents, giftings, and enablements. I’ve known James for over ten years and each year unfolds another dimension of his multi-faceted ministry. You will be blessed in many ways as he ministers the Word of God.


27_tommy-barnettTommy Barnett
– James Ryle articulates his powerful and poignant testimony like no one I know. His ministry is effective, and his transparency is refreshing. Any church that wants a faith-building, hope-inspiring and soul-winning service in the form of a miraculous testimony of God’s grace need look no further than the ministry of James Ryle! His combination of humor, conviction and compassion allows everyone in attendance to relate to the powerful, scriptural truths that comes out in his message.


velasquez_lgHarold Valesquez
– James has been a Promise Keeper speaker since our beginning, delivering relevant power-packed messages full of scriptural truths. He has the rare quality of being able to consistently deliver a message that always finds its mark — from small group settings with leaders, to our large arena gatherings. James has a tremendous volume of knowledge that allows him the ability to speak with authority and depth on a number of topics of interest and significance. He always delivers the goods.