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No Way to Spend Your Life

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“Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” (Galatians 5:1).

solitary-confinementIn this vast penal complex of Separation, not only do bad people do bad things, but so do good people. Fear crouches at every turn. Guilt and shame lurk in every corner – guilt for what we have done to others, and shame for what has been done to us.

And let me tell you – behind these unyielding walls you will find sorrow that cannot be consoled, hatred that will not be appeased, and a certain emptiness that haunts the soul like the howling sounds of a high wind on a cold and lonely night.

Loneliness. That is the insidious condition which is most pervasive in this dark and dreadful place. It is perhaps the ultimate score of Separation’s dark power against our fallen souls. “It is not good that man be alone,” God said in the dawn of man’s new life, and you can be sure that from that moment forward Satan – always contrary to God – has sought to do whatever he can to make man a lonely and miserable creature.

Solitary confinement is Satan’s ultimate aim for each one of us.

“O how doth the heart in the midst of crowds feel frightfully alone!” wrote English essayist, Charles Lamb. The great Albert Einstein perhaps said it even better, “It is strange to be so universally known and yet be so lonely.”

It is a widely known fact that many of the most popular entertainers struggle with overwhelming depression and insecurity, brought on by profound loneliness. Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, whose lives ended prematurely and tragically, are two riveting examples. The devil wants to separate you, then isolate you, and finally terminate you. Loneliness is the first step into this path of destruction.

Surely, there was never anyone as lonely as the guilty Adam. Just moments after he ate the fateful apple we find him hiding from God in the cool of the day. Separation will do that to a man or woman; it will disconnect you from God and leave you in such confusion that you will actually believe He really cannot see you there, hiding behind the bush.

(Excerpt from Released From the Prison My Father Built, by James Ryle, pg. 65-66. Get Your Copy Today!

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