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A Most Excellent Adventure

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“Do all things without murmuring or disputing.” (Philippians 2:14)

Arriving at the Nashville airport a full 2 hours before my scheduled flight to California gave me ample time to check in, pass through security and kick back with a good cup of coffee in the Admiral’s Club. But then a breaking news story came over the television. LaGuardia in New York had been shut down because of a bomb scare of some sort. It was 7am, and the inevitable chain reaction of this single closure would impact travel across the country throughout the day.

airline gate smallMy flight, which had been scheduled for departure at 8:50am, did not leave Nashville until 10:30am. This meant that I would miss my connecting flight in Dallas, so the airline booked me on  the next flight that was available. However, I missed that flight also. So, they booked me on a flight departing from Dallas at 3:30pm.

By the time we arrived in Dallas there were a lot of very unhappy people doing their utmost to let any available gate agent know just how they were feeling. Rather than deal with the crowd pressing about each customer service desk, I decided to check the boards to see what gate my flight would be leaving from. That’s when I saw that there was a flight departing for Orange County at 2:10pm. And it was in the boarding process at that very moment.

The problem for me was that it was departing out of another concourse, and getting there would take at least ten minutes. But, having nothing to lose, I decided to give it a try.

By the time got there I heard the gate agent say, “Zones three and four are now free to board.” That means the plane is almost full and the final passengers are now getting on board.

 There was still a handful of disgruntled folk loitering about the gate area, glaring at the gate agent who seemed as if she were under siege. I paused and thought perhaps it would be best to leave things the way they were, but that’s when she looked over at me standing to the side and asked, “May I help you?”

I knew that last thing in the world this lady needed was one more complaint. So I opted to take a totally different approach. “Yes, indeed,” I said with deliberate theatrical flare, “I am on a most excellent adventure, flying from Nashville to Orange County. I have been rescheduled on a later flight, but was wondering if there was any possibility of getting on this one.”

She took my boarding pass, looked at her computer screen and started typing. I assumed she was seeing what it would take to switch me over. But the next thing that happened stunned me. The agent handed me a boarding pass for the flight now in final boarding – and my seat was in first class!

It was a most excellent adventure indeed!

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